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Hot Cars at the Detroit Auto Show

Jan 16
The North American International Auto Show begins this week in Detroit with media and industry previews. It opens to the public Jan. 17. Here are some of the new cars and experimental concept vehicles unveiled at the show.

Bring on the Glitz: What to Expect at Detroit Auto Show

By Dee-Ann Durbin, Tom Krisher | Jan 15
A walk around the floor of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit leaves you with one message: The U.S. auto industry, which nearly collapsed six years ago, is back with as much flash as ever.

Smart Watch Makes a Car Park Itself

Jan 9
At the annual Consumer Electronics Show, one car manufacturer is showing off new technology that allows drivers to get out of their car once they arrive at the garage, and use a smart watch to command their vehicle to find a parking spot on its own.

At The Gadget Show: Ford Experiments

Jan 8
The future of driverless cars was the background for a Ford Motor Co. keynote address at International CES in Las Vegas.

Mercedes-Benz Debuts Concept Driverless Car of Future at CES

By Anick Jesdanun | Jan 7
The car of the future according to Mercedes-Benz is one that drives itself, has seats inside that swivel to face each other and features a computerized brain that can watch a pedestrian walk by and even create a crosswalk to help him cross the road.

The Gadget Show: Curved Phones, Smarter Homes, Car Connectivity

By Anick Jesdanun | Jan 6
The International CES show in Las Vegas this week isn't typically a major forum for mobile products, as many manufacturers wait a month or two for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But it's hard to separate mobile from other technologies these days.

US-Cuba: New Life for Cuba's Classic Cars?

By E. Eduardo Castillo, Kristen Wyatt | Dec 29
The half-century-old embargo on most U.S. exports has turned Cubans into some of the most inventive mechanics in the world, technicians capable of engineering feats long lost to the modern world of electronic ignitions and computerized engine calibration.

Kelley Blue Book Reveals 2015 Best Car Buys

Nov 25
According to Kelley Blue Book, nearly 17 million vehicles could be sold in the United States next year. Kelley Blue Book is trusted for researching and assessing the value of automobiles.

L.A. Becomes Stage for High-Speed Luxury Cars

By Tom Krisher | Nov 24
Few people need an SUV with 567 horsepower that can scream around a racetrack and go from zero to 60 in four seconds. A small but growing number want one. These drivers aren't satisfied any longer with an ordinary luxury car.

Automakers Debut Key Models at L.A. Auto Show

Nov 21
One out of every 10 new vehicles sold in the U.S. last year was purchased in California. So it's no wonder automakers save some of their most important introductions for the Los Angeles Auto Show.

6 thru 15 of 72 Stories