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Ain't Life Grande for Frankie

By Brian Scott Lipton | Oct 30
"Big Brother" Season Seven gay bad boy Frankie Grande talks about his bromance with Zach, eviction from the BB house and return to Broadway in "Rock of Ages."


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Father Comes Home From The Wars

By Cassandra Csencsitz | Oct 29
The Public Theater stages Suzan-Lori Parks excellent three-part exploration of freedom at the end of the Civil War.


By Steve Weinstein | Oct 24
Operating on all cylinders, this Pulitzer-winning drama dives into the heart of the ambiguity we all feel toward Islams & the Moslems in our midst, whether we know it or not.

The Belle of Amherst

By Marcus Scott | Oct 23
The 2014 Off-Broadway revival of William Luce's "The Belle of Amherst," following the life and times of reclusive American poet Emily Dickinson, plays like a vigil instead of a tribute to one of the world's greatest poets.


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